ANNY - a two-piece, ambient down-tempo outfit from Gold Coast

About ANNY //

ANNY are a two-piece, ambient down-tempo outfit from Gold Coast, Australia whose journey started as their paths met at the Griffith University Bachelor of Popular Music course in 2017. ANNY comprises of Anna Leathem and Aimee Van Der Kruik together, combining their musicianship, they create a dreamy sound likened to artists such as Sylvan Esso and Daughter.

Members of ANNY stem from a range of mediums from dream-pop to alternative rock from outfits such as Alpas and Checkered. However, they find their audacious mixture produces a melancholy, almost hallucinating sound that allows listeners and viewers of their music and live shows to experience an atmosphere that entices you to relax and enjoy the emotions in which the band’s sound makes you feel.

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